Our S.A.M enrichment program is taught globally. using the renowned Singapore approach of “Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract” (The CPA Approach). This includes the usage of props, tools and manipulates, associated uniquely to the introduction and advancement of Mathematical concepts and English Language topics.

Children will find that once they understand the concept  and the topic, they can clearly and concisely solve the given problems.

Our program places emphasis in the development of a fundamental understanding of Mathematics and English. We focus on application rather than computation, especially where the attained knowledge can be applied through various ways in the real world. The skills and knowledge that your child acquires at S.A.M will prepare him exclusively well for his own school’s Mathematics and English curriculum … now as well as in the future.

S.A.M Learning Approach

Because every child is unique in their ability to learn and in the method in which they learn, we, at S.A.M, will design a customized learning program that is Specially Tailored for your child. We first assess your child through our Proprietary Assessment Test to determine his level of comprehension in Mathematics and English. Your child is then placed at a comfortable starting point to build confidence and assimilate into our program. With the establishment of the student/trainer relationship, we will further fine tune the program to maximize your child’s learning potential. Over time, you will see that S.A.M. is the only program your child will need to excel in life.